8 Tips for Bathroom Storage

8 Tips for Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom is desperately short of storage space, drawers are overflowing, towels are piled up in the corner, toiletries are piling up on the bathtub’s edge, and you don’t know how to tackle the problem. Optimizing bathroom storage takes a little thought and a lot of organization.

Thanks to our 8 tips for bathroom storage, you can transform your useless objects and finally enjoy a perfectly tidy bathroom!

1. A ladder to put towels on

8 Tips for Bathroom Storage

In bamboo or wood, the ladder is the trendy element installed in the bathroom. It has many advantages:

    – It is high, not very wide, and therefore does not infringe on the floor surface. 

    – It is placed against the wall, so you don’t need to make holes in the wall.

    – Its bars allow arranging all the towels of the family.

You will choose it by the style of the other elements: bamboo for an exotic look, wood for a natural style, or even metal in a contemporary bathroom.

2. A sideboard to store products

Sideboards are convenient multipurpose furniture. In the kitchen, they store condiments, towels, or even cutlery. But don’t hesitate to divert them and install them in the bathroom, where they prove to be precious allies for storing all the products.

Mounted on wheels, they can be pushed against a wall when no one is in the room, and they can be moved to the ideal place at bath or shower time to catch soaps and shampoos. 

You can also use them to hold the little one’s bath toys, so they don’t have to be scattered all over the room.

3. Personalized baskets

When all house members share the bathroom, baskets dedicated to each inhabitant are an ideal solution. 

Each person can put their things in the basket: hairbrushes, specific hygiene products, or toothbrushes. You can also hang them to optimize the space on your shelves.  

These small baskets can be made of wicker, sea rush, or sisal to give a natural touch to your bathroom.

4. Empty jars to store your brushes

Most women who wear makeup use brushes for their foundation, powder, or blush. It can be a hassle to find a storage space for them.

Why not divert containers intended for other uses to store them?

    – Glass food jars;

    – mugs;

    – pot holders, etc.

Any container that you deem aesthetic and practical can do the trick. 

You can decorate them with suitable paint or stickers, or leave them in their original state, as you prefer.

Good to know: get glass beads in the vases to hold the flowers and put a layer at the bottom of the container so that your brushes will hold up well. And if you can’t find any, dry white beans will quickly replace them.

5. Recycled crates to store towels

8 Tips for Bathroom Storage

Your clean towels, previously rolled, will find their place in a simple wooden crate. If you feel like it, you can paint it, but its natural and recycled side will perfectly adapt to its use.

In addition to the market gardener’s crate, you can also use wooden wine crates. If you can’t find what you’re looking for by asking the local shopkeepers, there are many websites where you can buy nice new boxes to customize or ready to use.

Good to know: hung on the wall, they will initially replace the shelves.

6. Spice racks for beauty products

Nail polish and beauty products are often presented in small containers that are not very practical to store.

Attach a spice rack to an interior door of your bathroom cabinet so you can find them at a glance. These racks are shallow, so they’re perfect for placing small bottles or vials of foundation, creams, and other lip balms.

You can also attach them to the wall if you are reluctant to drill holes in your furniture. 

And why not make a small spice rack yourself? You’ll have an accessory perfectly adapted to your room!

7. Magnetic hairpin rail

Hairpins and clips are always scattered in your drawers, and you never manage to get your hands on them when you need them? You don’t know what to do with them? One of their main characteristics is that they are made of metal. You need a magnetic holder to store them.

Several solutions are available to you. 

    – A magnetic strip glued to the inside of the bathroom cabinet will do the trick. 

    – A magnetic knife holder taken from the kitchen can also serve this purpose.

You can also put pairs of nail and hair scissors and even store your tweezers.

8. A coat rack with hooks for towels

Coat racks with several hooks for hanging clothes can be turned into convenient towel racks. They are available in many different styles that will fit any decor.

Made of wood, you can write each family member’s name on them so that each one recognizes his or her towel. No more battles over whose towel is whose, even if you use one color towel!

Why not make your coat rack by recycling an old palette if you feel up to it?

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