What Are The Benefits of Coloured Glass Films?


Many unremarkable modern buildings can be transformed into striking examples of attractive architecture with the application of a tinted or reflective decorative window film. Interlayer’s extensive range of decorative films can offer a wonderful range of finishes on glass, offering almost unlimited decorative design ideas. As well as our standard range of etched & frosted films we have numerous patterned, coloured, opaque, translucent & transparent films all installed to the very highest standards. The stained glass window film is more than just a decorative aspect; it is able to improve the quality of your life as well as the comfort of your home interior. Sure, the stained glass itself is pleasing to the eye, especially if you are able to choose the nice images with attractive colors. But are there some great benefits that you can get from having such a glass window film for your home interior?


Not only does decorative window film add to the aesthetic of your home, but it also gives you extra privacy. Depending on what style you choose, your decorative window film can make it so that people passing by can’t see inside of your home. Frosted or stained glass decorative film are just a couple of options that increase the privacy of your home while improving its look!

UV Rays

The sun’s harsh UV rays can do more damage than you may think. Not only can excess sun exposure damage your skin, but it can also damage your furniture. Too much sun exposure can cause the color of your furniture to fade prematurely, meaning you will need to replace it earlier than expected. Decorative film provides a layer of protection against these harsh rays, increasing the lifespan of your home furniture. Decorative window film can also help to decrease your energy bills since less sunlight will be able to get into the home.

Easy Use

Decorative window film only takes a few minutes to apply to your windows. After this, you simply clean your window film as you would your windows, with a mild cleaner and soft towel. In addition to this, removing the film is as easy as peeling it back! If you decide you no longer want decorative window film or want to try a different style, you can easily remove your window film with no residue or mess left behind.


Reduces Glare

Glare from the sun can make it virtually impossible to watch your TV at certain times of day, create excessive heat in high-exposure rooms, and cause eye strain and discomfort. You can select from different types of window film that allow for varying degrees of visibility. For example, if you have a particular window that consistently lets in a blinding amount of sunlight, you would benefit from opaque/privacy window film. And decorative window film makes it easy to enjoy a stylish addition to your home beyond the much-needed glare-blocking capabilities.

Reduces Energy Costs

It only takes a few minutes to apply window film, which means it’s one of the simplest ways to reduce energy costs throughout your home. That’s because of window film’s ability to block sunlight that creates excessive heat in your home. With less sun getting in, it’s easier to maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home. This means you can run your air conditioner less often and at a lower setting. In fact, window film can help you cut your energy costs by up to 50 percent.

Kitchen Cabinets

Decorative window film isn’t only restricted to outdoor window usage. In fact, using this film on your kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a fun, unique look! This allows you to have the great aesthetic that comes with glass cabinet doors without your guests actually being able to see what is inside of the cabinets, making your kitchen look better and more organized.

Here at Interlayer Solutions, we have been in the market for more than 10 years and have helped hundreds of homeowners enhance their interiors using decorative window films. The possibilities are truly limitless: request our portfolio images for inspiration!

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