Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips


    – The different styles of bathroom decoration

    – Thinking about your bathroom decoration

    – Who should I contact to decorate my bathroom?

The bathroom is a room for relaxation and well-being. There are many ways to decorate it, depending on the current trends and the atmosphere you wish to create. But it is essential to think it through without overdoing it and considering the room’s location and use constraints. Here are the keys to a successful bathroom decoration in a few words.

The different styles of bathroom decoration

Trendy styles

    – The big trend of the moment is the Zen bathroom, characterized by its sobriety. It transforms this room into a haven of relaxation and peace, with soft colors, natural materials, and muted lighting.

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips

    – Also very trendy is the natural bathroom, which brings nature into your interior: from raw wood to stone, through plants, pebbles, etc., naturalness and greenery are honored for a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.

    – The Scandinavian style is also popular. The Scandinavian bathroom is elegant, bright, and soothing. It combines wood with the purity of white.

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips

The main themes

    – Marine, the bathroom combines blue tones with wooden furniture to give it a vacation feel. It is accessorized without overloading to recall the marine world: round mirrors like ship’s portholes, shells, etc.

    – Provençal, the decoration is turned towards the south and nature. Warm colors, stones, plastered effects, floor tiles, or small wicker accessories are lovely.

    – With an oriental decoration, the bathroom is transformed into an exotic place with warm colors. Tadelakt, zellige, wood, wrought iron, kilim, or fouta blend to make a relaxing space.

Retro style versus design

Bathroom Decoration: Ideas and Tips

    – Baroque, the bathroom is refined, mixing shadow and light. It combines furniture with pronounced curves and stylized black, gold, or silver patterns.

    – Retro, a wind of nostalgia blows on the bathroom for a chic and vintage atmosphere. Subway tiles, pedestal sinks, lion paw bathtubs, and barber mirrors set the scene.

    – With the industrial style, the bathroom asserts its character. It plays simplicity with materials (concrete, metal, etc.) and salvaged furniture and accessories, diverting from their primary role.

    – Design, the bathroom is resolutely contemporary and minimalist. It gives pride of place to noble materials, neutral tones or black and white, and high-end equipment (walk-in shower, island bathtub, etc.).

Thinking about your bathroom decoration

Adapt to the constraints

Always adapt the decoration of your bathroom to your environment. Do you want to create an oriental or Provencal decoration? Check that your choice is judicious according to the contrasts inherent to the decoration style: a blind bathroom, a small room, etc., can be the opposite of these criteria.

Also, adapt the decoration of the bathroom to your needs. A double basin will be more suitable for a large family than a single pedestal sink, even if its retro style makes you fall in love.

Finally, think about the maintenance constraints of certain materials and always opt for materials adapted to the humidity in the bathroom.

Play it simple

The key word is “sobriety”. Too many codes of the same style overload the bathroom and can make it lose its cachet. In a renovation, a few accessories can be enough to create the right atmosphere: new light fixtures, baroque faucets, oriental foutas to replace the bath sheets, a few green plants to bring a breath of nature, etc.

Who should I contact to decorate my bathroom?

For major work

If you wish to delegate the decoration of your bathroom entirely, you can contact a decorator or an interior designer.

    – The decorator is a specialist in interior design and space planning. He or she also supervises the various parties involved in creating or renovating the bathroom decoration and controls the work. Count between $60 and $80 per hour.

    – The interior architect draws up plans and sketches of the bathroom, supervises the various participants, and controls the work. Unlike the decorator, who is not authorized to consider the modification of load-bearing walls or the house’s structure, the interior architect can consider the technical constraints related to a major renovation or the creation of a bathroom, including modifications of the structure of the room. The budget is higher: count between $100 and $200 per hour.

For smaller jobs

If you only need to repaint a wall, install new flooring, or install a bathtub, contact a craftsman: painter, mason, tiler, plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc.

Note: You can find bathroom decorations in home improvement stores, specialty stores, and on the Internet. You can also find accessories at markets and flea markets.

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