Ideas for a Marine Bathroom Decoration

Marine Bathroom Decoration

Ideas for a Marine Bathroom Decoration

A bathroom decoration, whatever its style, must be pleasant to live in and orderly. In this post, we will look at a marine bathroom deco. In the tradition of marine decoration, the sea is a pillar in bathroom decoration. It, therefore, relies on shades of blue, especially navy blue, rope-style accessories, and shells… It’s a call to vacation memories.

The furniture is often plain white with a small boat motif in the center of the door. As things evolve, these pieces of furniture have become raw, leaving room for the grain of wood.

The basins play on transparency or opaque lines for more modernity, and the accessories have given way to contemporary lines.

Which furniture to choose?

If both children and parents use the bathroom, it is a good idea to choose a double basin vanity top, Caledonian blue, for example, or simply white.

The cabinet under the sink will be made of melamine wood with an ash finish that looks like linen and will have two slatted doors and a shelf near the floor.

The storage cabinet or closed column (narrower than a bathroom cabinet), made of the same material, will be located next to the vanity top in a practical spirit and for storing bathroom linen.

A shelf mirror, always in the same material, will be fixed above the washbasin. The shelf will allow the arrangement of daily toilet accessories.

Think also of the pirate-style chest bought in white wood and to be stained. It will make a great laundry bin! The handles will be bought aged to give a travel feel.

Finally, if there is enough space, you can add an open shelf (without doors) to hold less frequently used toiletries.

Wall coverings for a marine decoration

For marine decor reminiscent of a boat cabin:

– Line one bathroom wall with frieze (or wainscoting) lengthwise.

– This wall will be varnished with marine varnish to make it waterproof.

– If you have chosen the blue Caledonia vanity top, you can, before applying the varnish, paint the planks of the frisette with a very diluted sky blue acrylic paint to bring out the wood grain.

– For the other walls:

◦ In case the bathroom does not have a window, paint them white to let the light in.

◦ If a window adorns the room’s wall, you can paint two walls in opposition to a stronger blue, such as a Roy blue that will remind the waves.

– The walls can then be lined with marine plaster motifs hung as you wish.

– The ceiling and the remaining wall will be white.

It is also possible to tile around the sink with ceramic tiles matching the colors of the furniture and with a frieze reminiscent of the floor tiles. The whole will be plain.

On the other hand, avoid wallpaper with marine motifs, which are not very trendy these days, and instead play on the toilet accessories, which will be plain, in navy blue, for example.

Which floor covering to choose?

Marine Bathroom Decoration

Tiles are ideal for a bathroom:

– A blue tile with water effects will be the most beautiful effect.

– Grouted with white, it will stand out much better.

Avoid carpets that, even if very comfortable, do not easily withstand humidity in a room without windows and can be a source of fungus.

Textiles and curtains to create a marine style

Rugs will bring the final touch to your marine decoration:

– Choose thick ones with long strands.

– Plain, navy blue, white or linen, half moon, round or rectangular, the choice is yours in all shapes to match this atmosphere.

– A bamboo strip rug will bring sobriety while remaining in natural shades.

– But be careful; if your bathroom does not have a window, you will have to dry the textile mats after each bath.

The bath linen will be in the same colors as the carpets or the furniture. It can be embroidered with patterns (starfish, sea anchors, seagulls…).

Decoration tip

To make a plaster cast with marine motifs:

– Get a plastic mold (available at any hobby store).

– Coat each mold with a little Vaseline.

– In an empty and cleaned cream pot, mix plaster with water and stir to obtain a homogeneous paste with the consistency of liquid cream.

– Gently pour the mixture into the mold.

– Tap the mold lightly on the work surface to remove air bubbles.

– Let it dry for a few minutes, then place a small piece of thin iron to hold it in place.

– Let dry for a few hours before removing from the mold.

– Then, paint the resulting molding and varnish it with marine varnish to protect it from moisture.

Hope this post has provided you with the information you were looking for. Remember to jot down a few words in the comments below.

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