How To Combine Duck Green With Copper for an Irresistible Room?

The bedroom is the most intimate space in the house. It is essential to take care of this space and decorate it to make it more cozy and personal. When it comes to color, several can give a pleasant look in your room. But, among many others, duck green is a bright and intense color. This color is chic, modern, timeless, and trendy. It is also a hue that has a vintage charm. It is also an intense color, but it remains soft, whether in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Several other colors can be combined with it, including copper. Discover the tips on matching these two colors in your room through this article!

Duck Green: What Color Exactly?

It is often difficult to precisely define this color because it is also possible to find duck green called peacock blue or duck blue. If the margin between these shades is complicated to grasp, it’s simply that duck green has shades of blueberry and green. It can also be confused with emerald green; it is close to turquoise in lighter shades. Duck green is an original color and very elegant by its intensity and richness. This color can immediately change the look of a space and make it more refined. You can also play on the depth to restructure a room very quickly.

Duck Green and Copper Combination: How?

It is such a spectacular color that the question of combination with other shades can always arise. Despite the strength it exudes, it can be easily harmonized with different colors. If the duck green is a fairly dark shade, it can ideally find allies in materials with copper shades because the latter likes contrast with lighter shades for a more elegant look. We offer the following tips to give you some ideas on how to combine these colors.

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– You can paint the walls of your room in duck green and opt for flower vases, some wall decorations, different brass objects, copper candle holders. This will give a more natural look. Moreover, combining duck green and copper can provide a bold touch to your interior design that is both dynamic and elegant. Due to its bright characteristic, copper combined with duck green brings a lot of elegance to your interior.

– You can mix a duck green with a matte finish of copper textiles, like curtains. This gives a seductive look and gives your decoration a sophisticated charm. You can also choose this style for all rooms in the house.

– You can color the wardrobe, nightstand, and chairs in copper color and paint some parts of the wall in duck green. This will give a very chic effect.

– If you have chosen the duck green paint in a darker tone on the wall, it is better to use slightly lighter copper furniture for more contrast. For example, it is possible to add some touch in white color on the textile.

Copper-colored bed cushions can be combined with curtains in brown-reddish colors.- Duck green goes well with copper. The two shades enhance each other. This also makes a tandem almost like a flamboyant in the bedroom.

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