Which Parquet to Choose: Solid or Laminate

Which parquet to choose

Which Parquet to Choose: Solid or Laminate


– Differences between solid and engineered flooring

– Solid or glued parquet: advantages and disadvantages of solid parquet

– Solid or glued parquet: advantages and disadvantages of glued parquet

– Installation techniques for solid and engineered flooring

– Prices of solid and engineered parquet

While solid parquet is authentic and resistant, engineered parquet is easy to install and less expensive. To choose between one or the other, it is better to know their specificities, advantages, and disadvantages. This article reviews the issue!

Differences between a solid parquet and a glued parquet

Solid parquet

Solid Parquet

Solid parquet is made of a single noble wood species (oak, beech, mahogany, etc.), chosen according to its hardness, rigidity, color, and resistance to humidity.

Its blade is between 10 and 24 millimeters thick.

It can be sold raw or pre-sanded, but solid wood flooring is often varnished, waxed, oiled, brushed, stained, or aged.

Glued parquet

Glued parquet

The laminate floor is made of 2 or 3 different layers of wood:

– The facing (or wear layer), i.e., the visible part of the floor, is made of noble wood. It offers the same aspect as a solid parquet. It measures from 2 to 6 millimeters thick. The 2 millimeters is a minimum for the boards of pre-sanded parquet, varnished or oiled in a factory, but it takes at least 2.5 millimeters for the bare boards. The life span of engineered flooring depends on the thickness of the facing;

– The core is the part on which the facing of the laminate floor rests if it is composed of 3 layers. This flexible layer absorbs the tensions of the floor and ensures its stability;

– The counter-facing can be made of wood strips, plywood, chipboard, or HDF (high-density fiber).

Advantages and disadvantages of solid parquet

If the solid parquet multiplies the advantages, it has some drawbacks, starting with its price.

Its advantages are:

– It offers an inimitable cachet;

– It is available in many species;

– It is the most solid of all floors;

– It offers a good sound and thermal insulation;

– Its thickness allows many sanding and renovations.

Its disadvantages are:

– It is expensive;

– Wood is sensitive to temperature changes;

– It must be carefully maintained;

– Nailed installation, the most traditional solid wood flooring, is complex.

Advantages and disadvantages of glued parquet

Laminate Parquet

A less expensive alternative to solid parquet, engineered parquet has both advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account before purchasing.

The advantages of engineered flooring are :

– The appearance of engineered flooring is similar to that of solid flooring, but the cost is lower;

– The facing of engineered flooring is available in many wood species and colors;

– It can have broader and longer strips;

– The laminate floor offers good performance on a heated floor.

The disadvantages of engineered flooring are:

– It is less resistant over time than solid wood flooring;

– It is difficult to renovate and can only withstand a limited number of sandings (determined by the thickness of the facing).

Installation techniques for solid parquet and engineered parquet

Depending on the parquet, several installation techniques are possible:

– The installation can be nailed on lambourdes. This traditional installation is long and complex. It is intended for solid parquet but can be applied to glued parquet.

– The floating installation is intended for glued parquet and solid parquet.

– Glued installation is suitable for both. Quick and economical, it limits the squeaking of the floor.

Price of solid and engineered parquet

Here are some price indications:

– For solid parquet, count from approximately $40 per m² for a classic species to approximately $150 per m² for an exotic species, excluding installation;

– For laminate flooring, count from about $30 to about $100 per m², excluding installation;

– For the installation of parquet by a professional, count from $25 to $40 according to the technique used.

Solid and engineered wood floors are available in hardware stores and specialty stores.

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