Choosing Your Kitchen Backsplash: Different Materials to Consider

The kitchen backsplash is one of the new trend found in this room. This is the area on the wall on top of the countertop.

This is a wall area is difficult to maintain, as it is very exposed to spills, stains, and also to high temperatures when it is on the worktop side,. That’s why it must be covered with a panel that protects it.

But which material is better? Which one is the most practical, the most resistant and the easiest to clean? No idea? Not to worry! In this article, that’s exactly what we are going to uncover. Happy discovery!

Tile: A Material That Remains Trendy

Tiled backsplash are not new, but they have not lost their usefulness and trend. On the contrary, they continue to be on top of the backsplash favorites, because of their beauty, functionality and the great variety they offer when choosing from tiles.

In addition to being easy to clean, they resist well to heat and humidity. The only disadvantage of tiles is their installation, which is a little more complex than other materials, especially if you are inexperienced.

The Diversity of Compact Quartz

It is one of the most decorative alternatives that exist thanks to its wide variety of finishes and colors. Choosing the compact quartz backsplash is an excellent idea, especially when the countertop is made of the same material. In this way, a perfect aesthetic result is obtained.

In addition to its curb appeal, compact quartz is very functional as a wall covering: it is resistant to moisture and heat (on worktops, it must be protected when placing hot pans, for example).

As for cleaning, a bit of water and dishwashing liquid will do the trick.

Large Format Ceramics

Ceramic tiles that exist today reflect the powerful development that the ceramic sector has experienced. Although it is a material with a long tradition and history, it has been able to adapt to the demands of the 21st century and make the most of technological advances.

Ceramic coatings, for instance, are perfect for walls, floors, countertops and also kitchen backsplashes. You can usually get them in a wide variety of designs, colors and finishes.

Take On an Industrial Look

If there’s one material that evokes the quality and skill of professional kitchens, it’s stainless steel. And, choosing it for the backsplash would be a total success.

Whatever the worktop, stainless steel fits perfectly, bringing a very attractive industrial touch. Moreover, it is very practical since it is resistant and easy to clean.

The only drawback that steel can have is that it scratches easily, although this is not very relevant when it comes to the backsplash. One trick to hide scratches on stainless steel surfaces is to rub them with a paper towel soaked in olive oil.

The Authenticity of Natural Stone

The Authenticity of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a noble material that comes from nature and this is reflected in its appearance and texture. Natural stone is perfect for the backsplash of a kitchen, especially when it matches the countertop.

In the case of marble backsplashes, the main disadvantage is that it is a porous surface, so it may absorb stains. To avoid this, it is advisable to apply a treatment that makes it waterproof, in addition to an extreme cleaning with water and neutral soap. Particular attention should be paid to splashes of acidic liquids such as vinegar or lemon juice, which should be removed as soon as possible.

The Brilliance of Glass

Opting for tempered glass for your kitchen sill or backsplash is a smart idea, because of the many advantages this material offers.

First, it is highly resistant to moisture, stains, steam and high temperatures. It is easy to clean, although to shine it will need to be coated with a specific product once clean.

On the other hand, the smooth and dazzling surface of glass is elegant and very decorative, perfect for kitchens of any style, especially the most contemporary ones.

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