Deluxe Kitchen Design Ideas (on a Budget)

Luxe Kitchen
Luxe Kitchen

If you are bored of your kitchen and want it to have a grandiose look, you’ve stumble upon a good article. I will guide you with different ideas where you will be able to incorporate some kitchen design ideas that appear more luxurious than their price tags would suggest helping you save money without compromising elegance. A good kitchen design may completely alter the room – from painting the cabinets to changing the arrangement, a few adjustments here and there can make a big difference.

1. Lightning

lighted vintage light bulbs

When you put the word “expensive” in front of almost anything, it conjures an image of something high-class, unique, and made for the good life. Your kitchen’s lighting is no exception but how will you make sure that your kitchen is glowing luxuriously without breaking your bank? Choose items with a particular style, finish, or design element that don’t seem to be mass-produced. Do not forget it just needs to not look mass-produced, it does not matter if it is.

If you do not want to replace your lamp, you will want to change out the shades. Swapping old tapered lamp shades for light, crisp drum shades can make your room appear fresher and modern, and adhering to a similar style throughout will keep everything looking neat and tidy.

2. Kitchen Cabinet

Painting kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh look on a budget is the simplest and most cost-effective approach to altering aged pieces. In recent years, we’ve witnessed plenty of amazing kitchen renovations that have used a fresh coat of paint to make the kitchen units seem brand new, and therefore appear more costly.

I suggest you replace cupboard handles to instantly freshen your kitchen. You can find designer-looking at your local hardware stores or even online. Make sure to look for neutral colours, or find a colour palette that suits you.

3. Your fridge

We are all for sticking postcards, sketches, and pictures on your fridge door with brilliantly coloured fridge magnets acquired from all around the world. However, if you want to make your kitchen appear more costly, we propose baring your fridge to make it look cleaner and crisper.

If you want a better suggestion, how about painting the fridge? Start by sanding your refrigerator gently to remove the shine, then apply a primer, this usually takes four to six hours to completely dry. After the primer, apply the paint with a roller or a brush for harder-to-reach areas. Leave the first coat to dry overnight.

4. Accessories

Do What You Love text
Add some accessories.

Add copper accessories to glam up your kitchen. Matching copper accessories and appliances will give your room a sophisticated, on-trend vibe. Adding elegant cookware to your shelves or open storage adds a touch of colour and refinement to the overall kitchen concept — functional and lovely, what’s not to like?

We don’t often link artwork with the kitchen, but adding a piece of art can transform your space and make it appear more fashionable and sophisticated. Make sure to choose something stylish but not too overcrowded or with excessive use of colour…

5. Declutter

For a more expensive look, keep your work surfaces as clear as possible. Remove any paper, shopping lists, toys, and recycling from the house. If you have the room in the cupboards, you could even take everything off the worktop and search for clever kitchen appliance arrangement ideas to hide your toaster and kettle for a sleeker look. Remove bills or anything that you have on your refrigerator door.

I hope that these suggestions have been helpful in helping achieve the kitchen of your dream. Comment down below what kind of kitchen do you prefer?

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