Why Choose Brick Veneer?

As a beautiful material for wall decoration, brick veneer is being widely used in today’s households. However, if you still hesitate to give it a try, here are some benefits of brick veneers.

1. Similar In Appearance to Natural Brick

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Before (that is years ago), there was a conflicting contrast between the brick veneer and the traditional clay bricks. At a glance, one could quickly identify which was veneer and which was natural.

However, today things have changed.

Nowadays, the modern brick veneers are made with clay and shale, which thus ensures a look and texture that is virtually similar to regular bricks. And, of course, the only difference lies in the thickness, where solid brick is three times thicker than veneer.

2. It Can Give That Expensive and Fancy Look

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The brick veneers at Century Architexture hold all of the charms that you need and whether you are adding them in a studio apartment or in a home’s kitchen, they can undoubtedly draw eyes.

They carry the same history and timelessness as traditional bricks and they can also fit in well with both the style and colour palette of a house.

And, trust me, if you are holding an open house, these brick veneers are sure to appeal to potential buyers.

3.Brick Veneers Can Add Depth and Warmth to a Room Without Expensive RenovationGolden Honey Veneer Peel & Stick Self Adhesiv Backslpash Tile

Did you know that brick veneers can make a house feel warmer and look cozier without darkening the space?

Yes, indeed, with brick veneers, you can capture that warm and comfortable look without bulking up your walls. And, this can be attained even with the wide colour range of brick, ranging from a neutral selection of reds and browns to a brighter array of red, orange, and purple.

4.It Is Very Lightweight and a Good Choice for DIY Renovations

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In comparison with natural bricks, brick veneers are incredibly lightweight. And, as they do not require that excessive weight-bearing element, they become much more easier to handle and manipulate during installation (this is why they can be installed very easily on residential walls).

And, we know when it comes to renovation projects, most homeowners prefer to handle the task themselves. So, if you want to try adding a hint of brick as an accent wall or expanding a wall, it is evident that it will be a project that will be completed within a short period of time due to the lightweight properties of brick veneers. In addition, brick veneers are based on a very simple support system, while solid natural bricks require a heavier (and I would add, a more expensive) foundation.

5. Lower Monetary Costs

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One of the key benefits of investing in brick veneers is that it is much more affordable compared to natural stone bricks. The construction and installation costs are lower and even the cleaning costs during and after the installation are also lower than the amount you would need for traditional bricks.

6. Brick Veneers Are Durable and Require Less Maintenance

Fond du Lac Country Squire & Brick Veneer - Real Stone Hom… | FlickrTell me, why do you think most homeowners go for wood-patterned tiles instead of actual wood? Or, why do you think people choose to paint interior walls in light colours (that just requires a coat to refresh them) than opting for dark and textured paint?

The answer is simple: the durability of fixtures and features are very important.

Everyone would want walls that are durable and easy to maintain so as there is no need of wasting money again and again. This is why we recommend incorporating Century Architexture’s brick veneers in both your interior and exterior spaces, as they require little maintenance and only need a good dusting and wipe down from time to time. Besides, as they are thinner than natural brick, they will not crumble or crack.

7. Great Insulation

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The great insulation properties of brick veneers make it possible for homeowners to use them almost anywhere in their house. Whether it’s on the walls, fireplace or kitchen, brick veneers can add the perfect amount of comfort and style without overwhelming your décor.

If you too want to experience that unique and classic appealing look of brick veneers, you can contact Century Architexture for more information.


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