10 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room

We are becoming more and more interested in interior design and are constantly overwhelmed with inspiration. However, realizing your interior design dreams can be tricky, and sometimes it does not turn out at all as you have imagined. When the salary comes, it is easy to get excited and buy everything you think is excellent without having a plan. But for the room to be harmonious and well-balanced, you must think through your purchases. There are especially ten mistakes that many people make when decorating their living room, which makes the room not at all as in the picture in the interior design magazine but instead risks becoming cozy and messy. Below we have listed 10 common mistakes you often make in your living room – and give you picture examples of how you can do to get it really good!


#1. Not Measuring The Room

It may feel strange to calculate the exact dimensions of your living room, but as soon as you have a clear idea of ​​how big the room is, it will be easier to decorate it. Your newly purchased sofa will not suddenly look gigantic, and your “big” rug will not turn into a small plate. Keeping track of your room is a must when it comes to decorating.


#2. Over Furnishing

There is a fine line between a cozy room and an over-furnished room. If you have too much furniture, the room can feel cramped and weigh you down. It can be challenging to find the right balance but strive to create a space in the room. If you are unsure if you have too much furniture in the room, try removing some and see how it feels. Do not get stuck in old ruts but try to re-furnish.


#3. Decorating Too Homogeneously

Sure, a home should have an unmistakable style and a common thread not to look messy, but you do not have to have EVERYTHING white just because you like white. A room that is far too homogeneously decorated rarely looks good. Try to include several colours and different patterns that together create a good feeling. Everything does not have to go tone by tone and match perfectly. Be creative, and do not be afraid to fail. Test yourself, pick up and remove.  


#4. Too Many Pillows

It is difficult not to love pillows, and it is easy to get pillow disease. You do not have three but maybe seven cushions on the sofa, and the more you think, the better. If you have too many pillows, the couch looks messy and flashy. Try to remove half of all pillows, maybe only have two or four pillows.


#5. Decorating Along The Walls

Many decorate their rooms along the walls, with custom-made furniture and plants placed next to a wall. Unfortunately, this makes the room look cramped and small. Instead, move the sofa a few inches from the wall and put some furniture into the room. Furniture does not need a wall to be able to stand and look nice.


#6. Forgetting The Lights

A common mistake is to ignore the focus on the lighting and only settle for a ceiling lamp. Spotlighting and several different light sources are key ingredient for creating a cozy living room. Make sure to bring more light sources into your living room, such as floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps, preferably at different levels. Also, keep in mind that strong lights can give the room a sterile feeling and feel very cold. Install a dimmer for the ceiling light, and you can adjust the brightness yourself.


#7. Overdecorating

This is a mistake that most decorators make. In search of a perfect still life, there can be far too many decorations in the room. Think less is more, and instead try to remove a few things. As a result, the room will have a completely different space, making it much easier to stay in the room. Do you have many things you like? Very often, pick out and remove seasonally, and you will create a living and personal home.


#8. Buying A Rug That Is Too Small

This mistake is because you do not know how big a room you have. The ideal size of a rug is that it should be large enough for your furniture to touch it. So be sure that the carpet will fit before you pick out your wallet. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture in Australia, get in touch with the professionals at WOOLSTORE FURNITURE.


#9. Hanging The Curtains Too Low

To create space in the room, hang the curtains as high as possible. Then the windows let in maximum light, which creates a feeling that it is high to the ceiling. The common mistake many people make is to hang the curtains the same way they always did. Resist that thought and instead let the curtains start already from the ceiling.


#10. Buying Everything From The Same Place

This mistake is widespread because it is convenient to buy everything from the same place. Most furniture stores have everything under one roof. The result is that your home does not become personal but looks like a display home at Ikea. Mix brands, designers, old, new, cheap and expensive. Your home should be alive and reflect who you are


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