How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror?

Your bathroom setting is almost finished: you’ve chosen the coverings, installed the bathroom fixtures, the designer bathroom furniture, and the shower enclosure of your dreams. The only missing things are the accessories and mirrors, which are the cherries on the cake… the last things to jazz up your bathing heaven. Would you ever imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Impossible! It’s a fundamental piece of furniture, both for aesthetic and functional reasons. That’s because it completes the environment, improves the perception of space, and is used for making up combing, washing. And today, through mirrors, you can also change the bathroom lighting or listen to your favorite music. But how do you know the perfect mirror size or model to use? Let’s see how to choose and place them to give some life to your bathroom!

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The mirror dimensions are very subjective and are not always related to the size of the room or bathroom furniture. The latest trends invite you to insert original solutions, asymmetrical, extra-large, or multiple mirrors. All ideas to personalize and make the bathroom unique. A trick to furnish a small bathroom, for example, is to put a very large mirror – apparently disproportionate – to deceive the feeling of a cramped environment. A small bathroom mirror, therefore, does not necessarily mean a tiny mirror! If the room’s size makes things complicated, you can always opt for custom-made bathroom mirrors or mirrored wall units (shallow cabinets with mirrored doors, therefore with a double function).

Mirror Shapes

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Again, no rules. The simple rectangular or square mirror must decidedly fashion the mirrors round and oval, the hexagonal mirrors or with unusual shapes and irregular. The shape of the mirror can be dictated by the bathroom cabinet or, on the contrary, be completely different from becoming a breaking stylistic element.

The Ultimate Lights

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Have you ever contemplated the importance of lights in your bathroom? You realize it, especially when they’re missing or when poorly designed. That’s why you should never overlook your bathroom mirror lamp! You can either integrate them into your mirrors or install them on the side or above. They can even be put on the wall (with a spotlight) or suspended (from the ceiling). The important thing is that it is natural and widespread to make the daily routine more pleasant. The mirror with integrated front light is a complete furnishing solution and suitable for almost any style unless you want to create unusual effects with separate lamps. Generally, these are wall lights (or LED strips) placed on the upper frame with a switch on the lower or side frame. To install them, simply connect them to the sink area electrical socket (previously prepared). But it is possible to choose backlit mirrors that give a more emotional light to the environment.

Bathroom Mirror: Frame or Frameless?

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The modern bathroom mirror is, as we said, a real piece of furniture, especially if the frame is large, colored, or in a particular finish (leather, metal, wood). Combining the mirror’s edge with the furniture is possible thanks to the many options available in the catalog today. In this way, it will be easy to give a touch of style to the environment thanks to this indispensable accessory!

High-Tech Solutions for Modern Bathrooms

Today’s bathroom mirrors are not just simple, functional elements but real concentrates of technology. Through touch controls, by touching the glass of the mirror, you can adjust the intensity of the light or its color (hot or cold), demist the mirror after a shower, and even listen to music (by previously connecting your devices via Bluetooth system).

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