Selection Criteria for Buying a Fireplace Mirror


– Selection criteria

– Shapes and dimensions

– Different styles and atmospheres

– Fixed or laid?

– Where can you buy a chimney mirror

A fireplace is often an element of your interior that is devoid of decoration. And yet, using a mirror above your fireplace will make it the central object of your room. Mirrors give depth and reflect light into the room. But it’s not a question of putting any fireplace mirror on your fireplace, especially not installing it without first thinking about it.

Fireplace mirrors: selection criteria


Mirrors placed above a fireplace were once called “true mirrors.” The overmantel mirror was once placed on fireplaces in royal residences and appeared as a sign of wealth. The purpose was to give a little more importance to a fireplace that was sometimes dull and stale.

Nowadays, the idea remains the same: placing a mirror above the mantelpiece allows decorating and enhancing it. However, today it is possible to mix and match styles and bring a new style to the fireplace.

For example, if you have an old fireplace, a mirror will give a more design and contemporary look to your fireplace and interior.

Selection criteria

Three points must be defined before you purchase your fireplace mirror: 

    • determine the size of your future mirror according to your fireplace and the style you want to bring, 
    • look at how you can place it (fixed to your fireplace or placed on top of the fireplace), 
    • choose the type of mirror you want (contemporary, classic, design …).

Fireplace mirror: shapes and dimensions

Desfossé House, Mansura, Louisiana

The mirror above the fireplace will have the main interest in decorating it to highlight it compared to the rest of the furniture in your room. The question of practicality does not arise. You can therefore indulge yourself in all the follies to please yourself.

Choosing the size of your mirror

The large mirrors create a spacious effect by widening the view. A large mirror above the fireplace makes the wall disappear by reflecting everything in front of it.

A simple mirror with a simple or narrow bevelled frame is an excellent choice for small rooms.

Also, hanging a mirror as wide as your fireplace provides an interrupted image and visually enlarges the space.

Tip: If the ceiling of the room is high, opt for tall mirrors.

Choosing the shape of your mirror

To break away from a classic style, opt for oval or non-traditional mirrors.

With original frames, they will give more importance to the wall above the fireplace than traditional mirrors with usual frames.

Tip: a grouping of mirrors with different shapes catches the eye by offering an unusual and stylish decoration.

Fireplace mirror: different styles and moods

Classic style

For a classic style on an antique fireplace, you can choose a large antique gilded mirror at Frame Print Gallery. Timeless, the gilded antique mirror has been dressing up fireplaces for a very long time.

Industrial style

For an industrial style, opt for a triptych mirror with a thin black steel frame. 

Contemporary style

For a contemporary style, opt for a mirror with original dimensions and shape.

For example, a square mirror will give a more casual and contemporary style to your space. You may also prefer a peel and mix of mirrors in the shape of a flower or a sun. The rattan mirror has established itself as an object of choice for modern decoration.

Fireplace mirror: fixed or posed?

If your mirror is large, it is preferable to rest the mirror’s bottom on top of the fireplace while fixing it to the wall.

For medium and small mirrors, you can easily fix them above your fireplace.

Caution: Ensure that the mirror is well fixed once it is installed and that it is not in danger of falling.

Buying chimney mirrors

You will find all the elements in an art gallery dedicated to providing custom framing & fine art services. Or you can also find beautiful mirrors in flea markets or antique shops.

Hope this post help in the selection criteria for buying your fireplace mirror. Remember to comment in the section below.

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