How to Set up a Feng Shui Lounge


– The salon according to the principles of Feng Shui

– Feng Shui Lounge: the provisions to be adopted

– Mistakes to avoid in a Feng Shui salon

Feng Shui is a discipline of Chinese origin that is thousands of years old and combines beliefs and the art of living. First used to build cities, Feng Shui is also adapted to the layout of all rooms in the house. So, how do you set up a Feng Shui living room? We tell you everything in this post.

The living room according to the principles of Feng Shui

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the living room is the room that attracts:

– both family and friends because of its function as a reception room;

– Luck;

– prosperity;

– success.

According to Feng Shui, the living room is considered as a “yang” room. It is thus advisable to choose a living room that is:

– very well exposed to the sun in order to favour luminosity;

– facing east, south, west, south-east or south-west;

– larger in surface area than the various rooms in the house.

Good to know: the other “yang” rooms in the house can be the kitchen or the office.

Feng Shui living room: the layout to adopt

To create and optimize the circulation of the vital energy called “Qi” or “chi”, it is recommended to arrange the living room according to the following Feng Shui rules:

– a sofa should be leaning against a wall and not be placed under a frame, known as a vector of harmful energy;

– the corners of the room should be lit with garlands, lights, salt breads or place a green plant whose leaves are not pointed;

– the sofa can be accompanied by a coffee table and two footstools or armchairs arranged around it to facilitate the reunion of the family or potential guests;

– the bookcases and shelves should be closed so as not to create any gaps, especially if they are so-called “cubic” shelves;

– the colours of decoration chosen should be both neutral and bright but balanced: beige, off-white, light yellow or ochre for the walls and it is advisable to revive these colours with the help of red, purple or yellow dots thanks to objects and/or cushions;

– if possible, the installation of a fireplace topped with a mirror will be perfect to balance two of the primordial Feng Shui elements: fire and water.

Good to know: it is possible to ask for the help of a Feng Shui professional when choosing, arranging and decorating an apartment or a house.

Mistakes to avoid in a Feng Shui salon

To avoid hindering the flow of Qi in a Feng Shui salon, it is recommended to:

– avoid furniture with triangular shapes and/or pointed shapes. For example, opt for high and low tables with round shapes;

– create a cosy atmosphere using several light sources without forgetting the corners;

– place a limited number of objects in the living room: these must be present in a balanced proportion so as not to overload or hinder the circulation of Qi;

– hang portraits or sculptures representing ferocious animals such as wolves or bears;

– decorate your lounge using sharp objects such as weapons or knives.

Please note: the layout of decorative objects within a Feng Shui salon must also take into account the cardinal points.

To go further:

– Choose an overall harmony for the decoration of your hallway and entrance, which are the link with the other rooms of the house.

– If you are short of inspiration, why not call on a decorator to help you choose your interior design? Or you can read further in this interesting post: All About Feng Shui Decoration.

– The general well-being of our body and mind can be achieved through regular practice of relaxation, yoga and oriental gymnastics.

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