6 Plants for Bathroom Decoration

Over time, the bathroom has become a room dedicated to rest and relaxation. More and more attention is paid to decorating it and often plants are used.

Warm and humid when it is used, it is a room that becomes dry and cool afterwards. Not all bathrooms have the same brightness either. For all these reasons, the plants must be adapted and well chosen.

Attention: even if your plants like heat, remember to ventilate the bathroom regularly to avoid problems of excessive humidity and other fungi.

1. The fern

The fern is a green plant with decorative and elegant foliage. It is easy to maintain, and very resistant. It is one of the most popular green plants.

It likes humidity since it comes from tropical climates, but it does not appreciate the cold which it fears. It supports sunny and half-shaded exposure.

The fern can therefore be placed in a corner of your bathroom without suffering from it.

2. The papyrus

The papyrus is a semi-aquatic green plant inside and outside. This plant can have its feet in the water continuously! It likes heat, humidity, and a good luminosity. This plant is made for your bathroom.

It has long smooth and hollow stems ending in an umbrella of long bracts (leaves having the function of petals). In the center of the parasol, is its white inflorescence (several flowers).

Good to know: papyrus fears cold winds.

3. The capillary

The capillary (or adiantum) is a green plant but also the finest and most elegant of ferns. It has long and wide delicate fronds (leaves starting from the center of the foliage).

It is found in tropical and temperate regions and is often used in phytotherapy.

It appreciates a strong ambient hygrometry (being thus adapted for a bathroom), it also supports a hot and fresh climate, but it is semi-resistant.

4. Tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes)

Nepenthes are carnivorous plants mostly originating from Malaysia. These plants fascinate by the beauty of their urn-shaped traps.

The best way to care for them is to place them in a terrarium or greenhouse. But a bright bathroom will do the trick!

This plant needs a lot of ambient humidity to continue the production of its traps. It is necessary to avoid the direct exposures to the sun because, in its place of origin, it grows in the undergrowth or in the shade. It will need nevertheless a lot of luminosity to develop, but also to avoid the draughts to him.

5. The phalaenopsis

The orchid in general is very appropriate in a bathroom and especially the phalaenopsis. It is the easiest orchid of maintenance and it allows us to observe its bloom 3 months in a row!

The phalaenopsis has a low need of water but it needs heat and humidity to live. It will find its place near a windowsill in the bathroom, but avoid direct sunlight in summer.

Good to know: don’t leave its roots in the water or it will die.

6. Hypoestes

The hypoestes is native to the tropical forests of Madagascar and is part of the Acanthaceae family. This plant has a bushy habit. It is surprising by its decorative foliage and its oval leaves, of various colors, which end in points.

The hypoestes likes the ambient moisture and especially that of its ground. It appreciates heat and bright light. The foliage of the plant will lose its colors if you move it away from the light.

Hope these 6 plants will help you with your bathroom decoration. Thank you for your interest in this blog and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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