Kitchen Islands: Why We Need Them

I’ve always dreamed of having a spacious kitchen that has everything and more storage, if possible. When I finally managed to get my place, I opted for a kitchen that would be similar to my dream kitchen; with proper cabinets and storage space, I got the kitchen island! It is a must-have in most kitchen renovations, an island is an added-value improvement that transforms the way you use and enjoys the busiest room in your home. Kitchen islands are the real icon of the modern kitchen; it is almost a modern equivalent of a home hearth burning cozily.

If you are thinking of installing a kitchen island, here are some numerous functions of a kitchen island and why you need them.

The kitchen may need more counter space, eating space, or storage space. The homeowner may also be interested in adding value and practicality for reselling purposes. Since these islands can be installed with amenities such as a range top or a sink, the homeowner may be interested in equipping the kitchen with these useful additions. Whatever the purpose may be for installing these islands, they are easy to design and install and can add more functionality and space to kitchens.

There are many sizes and designs of kitchen islands and a homeowner should be sure to measure and examine the current space, color, and size before choosing the correct one. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the existing counter top and cabinet colors or textures. The latest trend in these islands is to install an island of different materials and colors than the rest of the kitchen. This allows your island to stand out as a centerpiece and become the focal point of the room.

The homeowner can also choose to design the island to match the rest of the kitchen. The same countertops and cabinet stain color can be used to achieve this. However, if the materials or colors used for the rest of the kitchen cabinetry are unique, the homeowner may have trouble finding a correct match for the island. Islands that match the theme of the rest of the area give the room a classic look. A matching kitchen island looks like it was part of the original installation and is suitable for a homeowner that doesn’t want the piece to look like a later addition to the room.

A kitchen island can not only serve as extra counter space but can also serve as extra storage space. A large kitchen that can accommodate more extensive kitchen island can include cabinet space. This cabinet space can be useful for a homeowner who doesn’t already have enough storage space n the kitchen. A hanging rack from the ceiling for pots and pans can also be installed once a kitchen island accents it. The bonus storage space that a kitchen island offers is a benefit for the homeowner, and a re-sell perk.

Some islands have a counter overhang, which is perfect for extra kitchen dining space. Adding chairs or bar stools to a kitchen can eliminate the need for a breakfast table. An island with eating space can also make the kitchen feel more welcoming and open for guests. Extra seating in the kitchen with the help of a kitchen island allows for a more relaxed feel for guests than a formal dining room.

Numerous functions of a kitchen island allow for the expansion of a kitchens counter and storage space. It can also sometimes provide extra seating and eating space in the kitchen. A large kitchen can accommodate an island with amenities such as a sink, deep cabinets, or a stovetop.

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