How to Design a Stylish Bedroom

– Which colors to choose for a designer bedroom decoration?
– Walls and floor in a design room
– Modern furniture for a designer bedroom decor
– Lights and accessories for a designer bedroom decor
– Where to buy the essentials for a 100% design room decor?

The bedroom is a refuge room where intimacy and rest coexist. You can store your belongings and clothes, set up an office depending on the available space, sometimes even a dressing room or a dressing area… A design room is decorated in the spirit of the times, minimalist, colourful or not, and with simple and refined furniture. It can be of different styles: cosy, minimalist, chic… The main thing is that it is contemporary and 100% design.

Which colors for a designer bedroom decoration?

The choice of colors is an important step in the decoration of your design room. They will immediately give direction to your decoration. First of all, the room is a place of rest that must be peaceful and cozy: so we banish bright colors and opt for neutral shades or color in small touches.

Black and grey 100% design

You can opt for cool, dark colors such as black and grey. Combined with white, these colors, in addition to being very design, bring a very chic side to the decoration of a room.
Tip: To complete your decoration, add copper lights.

Neutral tones

You can choose to start with more natural colors: taupe, linen, cream, beige…, which will bring a cozy side to your design decoration.
Tip: For more cachet, play the wood card in accessories and furniture.

Go for the blue

At the cutting edge of fashion, you can also fall for blue! Whether indigo, sky, navy, night, or oil, blue is an invitation to relax and calm. It will give your room a colorful and chic atmosphere. If you combine it with bright, light colors for the furniture and bed linen, your room will be 100% design.

Design and colourful

For design and colorful decoration, you can also opt for black and yellow. These two colors go well together in a bedroom. The very chic black is energized by the pep yellow.

Walls and floor in a design room

The walls

For a designer room, opt for smooth painted walls. Avoid tapestries, which are reminiscent of a classic style. You can paint your walls in a light color with a darker section of the wall to give perspective to your room. The main colors for the walls will be:
– white, gray, black;
– neutral colors: beige, taupe, linen, cream ;
– the colors that are in vogue right now: blue and yellow.

The ground

For a design room, two types of flooring are recommended:
– wood or wood effect floors. Opt for contemporary woods in grey or bleached tones;
– grey floors: waxed concrete or light-colored concrete effect, which brings clarity and modernity.
Avoid the tile floor, which is too cold for a room that remains a resting place where you like to relax.

Modern furniture for a designer bedroom decor

The headboard

The decoration of the room starts with the bed. For a designer headboard, opt for clean, minimalist lines in neutral tones such as white, beige, or black. For a modern look, choose a lacquered finish. Another chic and design model, the upholstered headboard. It exists in different colors; with fabric in imitation leather, it will bring softness to your room.

Bed linen

For a design decoration, the choice of bed linen is important. Preferably choose white, or with a touch of color (petrol blue, yellow, taupe…).

The furniture

Because a bedroom is also the room in which you store your things, think about investing in storage furniture: a dressing room, a chest of drawers, a desk. For a designer look, prefer lacquered white, black, or wood.
Tip: opt for chests of drawers or cupboards without visible cuffs.

Lights and accessories for a designer bedroom decor

Light and accessories are elements not to be neglected: they can radically transform your room. What’s more, you can easily and cheaply have fun with designer accessories!
To light up your room in a modern way, install spotlights on the ceiling and invest in a switch that will allow you to vary the intensity of the light. Alternatively, choose a black lampshade with a simple shape for a subdued and modern ambiance.
Other objects and accessories such as bedside lamps, alarm clocks, and carpets (among others) decorate a modern bedroom wonderfully. Opt for atypical and colorful objects for a design touch and inexpensive.

Where to buy the essentials for a 100% design room decor?

Design is now accessible to everyone thanks to the many collaborations between designers and decoration brands. You will be able to find everything you want in decoration shops or on professional websites.

Hope the above helps you out in decorating your bedroom. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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