Types of Tiles Perfect for Your Kitchen

A flooring is as important as roofing is. It is important to take your time to choose the perfect flooring for your kitchen as it is going to be there forever or until you decide to renovate it. Remember after the room, it is the kitchen where you will be spending most of your time! A kitchen flooring should complement to the kitchen d├ęcor and the accessories. From vinyl to hardwood flooring, there is a wide range of flooring for every room of your house.

If you are confused about which tile type to choose, then here is a list of those ones we loved and why you should choose them.

Vinyl Tiles: –

Vinyl tile is a composite structure made of several layers.

  1. Protective wear layer,
  2. Protective clear film layer,
  3. Printed design layer,
  4. Vinyl tile backing.

Vinyl tiles provide a wide selection of colors and deign to choose from; are easily installed and are a very economical choice of floor tile. Vinyl tile will last for years and can be very durable depending on the quality of the tile (the thicker the tile the more durable they will be).

Care and maintenance of the vinyl tile floor is effortless with regular sweeping and an occasional mopping your vinyl floor will look great and last for years. Make sure that when mopping you follow the manufactures recommendation; as mopping with too much water will eventually deteriorate the vinyl floor adhesive; waxing damages the vinyl’s wear layer; and some cleaners may actually dull the vinyl’s appearance.


Marble is one of the oldest forms of floor tile it can be highly polished which brings out its beauty and can be found in a large variety of colors and natural patterns. Minerals such as iron and carbon in the marble are what give it its unique look and natural swirled appearance this is what makes marble so beautiful especially when cut. Marble has been used and crafted in many fine sculptures and even fine furniture for centuries. Marble is one of the most historically use building materials due to its beauty and elegance and give a special historic touch to your design.


Granite is an igneous rock that is composed primarily of four minerals which are quartz, feldspar, mica, and usually hornblende. Granite is formed when magma cools very gradually far under the earth’s surface. This allows crystals (which can be seen by the human eye) to form from a combination of the four minerals therefor the composition of granite and vary as to location and the amount of each mineral giving it a wide variety of colors and variations in its appearance.

Slate stone:

Slate stone has a moderate hardness are compact with and lesser homogeneity which means that their compounds can vary greatly. The surface is medium to fine grained and has an almost sandy appearance, yet it still has an excellent shining asset. Some of the more common colors are copper, sea green, peacock, multicolored, silver grey, and black. Slate tile can be found with either natural or polished surfaces.


Lime stones are siliceous calcium carbonate rocks of which are formed through a sedimentary process. They have very low water absorption, are hard, compact rocks and resistant to stains. The surface texture is very fine grained which give them very good polishing quality. Some of the more popular colors are blue, green, brown, desert yellow and coal black. Limestone tiles can be found in both natural and polished surface.

Wooden tile:

The richness of grain and the wholesome shine of a timber floor make them very appealing to most people and the strength, durability, toughness, and the individuality it offers are equally tempting. A high-quality wooden floor is an expression of lifestyle and status symbol. Wooden floors darken as they age; the grain becomes more pronounced deeper and richer as they react to ultra-violet light. Wooden floors blend well with any kind of decor; it gives you a warm, sophisticated, and traditional look and feel.

Wooden Laminates, Wooden Veneer

Give you the warmth and beauty nature itself laminates and wooden veneer meet the modern living expectations. Giving the natural look of real wood they are perfect for every setting: Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Showroom, Boutique etc. They are a strong and very durable floor, their surfaces will hold-up under the rigors of daily life efficiently. For people who prefer the traditional style of living prefer to use traditional building materials such as wood in construction. The timeless beauty of wood remains a very popular tile choice.

Wooden floors, laminates, and veneers are easy to clean, hygienic, and are dust free. They also resist high impacts and provide better acoustics. Wooden flooring does not cause electrostatic charging in rooms that have electronic equipment; this makes them a great choice for computer rooms.

A kitchen remodeling project can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 or even $150,000 – you can regulate the cost of your kitchen remodeling project by making product choices that fit your budget.

A new kitchen is a major investment, so take your time choosing colors, finishes and features – and remember to have fun. Work closely with your professional contractor and do not hesitate to ask for help and creative ideas – this will bring you one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams.

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