10 Tips for Buying Bathroom Furniture

When you are buying new furniture for the home, one room that often gets overlooked is the bathroom. This is probably down to the fact that once you have filled the room with the main essentials (the toilet, sink, tub, and shower) you may think that the room is complete and doesn’t need any extras. However, with the wide variety of different furniture designs available for the bathroom including vanity units and bathroom cabinets, adding furniture to the room proves both stylish and practical.

If you are a bit of a furniture novice, these handy tips will help you select the right furniture unit to perfectly polish off your bathroom.

What type of furniture are you looking for?

Whatever your requirements or design taste, there is a whole host of different styled furniture available for the bathroom, so it is easy to find what you are looking for.

For those who want stylish units with that added benefit of storage, bathroom cabinets or storage units prove to be a popular choice due to the vast amount of internal storage space.

Those who want a piece of furniture that will revive their current bathroom setting could be interested in vanity units or washstands. Vanity units house the basin as well as extra storage drawers and with the selection of elegant designs available, they truly act as a bold centerpiece to any bathroom.

Before purchasing your furniture, it is important to have a look around at the different types of furniture available to you and see which pieces would best suit your requirements.

Are you buying for style or practicality?

If you have a shared bathroom it is possible that clutter is quite a frequent occurrence! With the mass of products littered around the basin or bathtub, it could be best to consider practicality over style when selecting any furniture for the bathroom by choosing units with ample storage space.

In contrast to this, if you have quite a minimal bathroom, it could be that you are buying a stylish unit to bring extra impact and design flair to the bathroom.

Before choosing your new furniture, it is best to decide whether you want a piece of furniture for style or practicality. However, with many practical units such as storage units and bathroom cabinets available in elegant designs it can be possible to choose a piece of furniture that effortlessly combines these two elements.

Is there access to a power or water supply?

When you have decided what type of furniture you wish to buy, a consideration to make is whether the unit requires access to a power or water supply.

Illuminated mirrors and bathroom cabinets with lights would require access to an electricity supply whereas vanity units and washstands would need to be fitted to your water supply as they include a basin.

It is best to check the bathroom to see if access can be achieved. However, if you have any doubt in installing to an electricity or water supply it is always advisable to consult with or to hire a professional installer.

Choose pre-assembled pieces

When searching for what particular piece of furniture you want to buy, one tip to follow is to choose pre-assembled pieces over furniture that you would have to put together yourself.

This is a real time saver for those who are not too DIY savvy as once you receive the unit it is ready to be installed or put into place.

Is it easy to install?

This is certainly something to think about if you are not too confident in your DIY abilities. Freestanding units are a good option for those who are not DIY savvy. However, even if you doubt your DIY skills, remember that wall hung units or furniture that needs to be plumbed or attached to an electricity supply can still be installed by consulting with or hiring a professional.

Location is everything!

The location is a key consideration as you want to make sure that the unit is positioned in the best place, for example cabinets are placed above the sink and storage units are positioned sturdily against a wall.

Before you purchase any piece of furniture, you should take a moment to assess the space you have to work with.

Measure up any vacant space in the room and keep these dimensions in mind for when you purchase any unit as you want to feel assured that whatever you buy will fit comfortably within the space.

Keep your existing bathroom suite in mind!

It is far easier to choose a piece of furniture that will complement your existing bathroom suite than buy a new unit and have to undergo a pricey renovation simply to match this piece of furniture.

Therefore, it is best to keep the look and style of your existing bathroom suite firmly in mind before you make any purchases.

Remember that furniture with a wooden finish will complement any traditionally styled bathroom whereas units in a sleek chrome finish or white gloss finish will complement something a little more contemporary.

Is the size, right?

Remember to get a good balance between the size of the unit and the size of your bathroom. While you may need a lot of storage from a large cabinet, if you have a compact bathroom then this unit may look bulky and will standout for the wrong reasons. Compact bathrooms are best complemented by wall hung units as you still have that essential storage, but the units are taken away from the floor to save you that valuable floor space.

In contrast to this, small units could look out of place in larger bathrooms. If you have a plentiful amount of space in your bathroom it is best to take advantage of this with larger units.

Make sure it is accessible!

When you have bought your bathroom furniture, you want to make sure that you install it in an area that is easily accessible.

For example, fitting a storage unit in an awkward corner or installing a cabinet far too high could result in straining your back by reaching or bending. As you require access to these units quite often you want to ensure that you can comfortably reach it.

Is it long-lasting?

When you have invested in a range of furniture or even just one piece, you want to make sure that your investment is secure by the item being durable and versatile.

Strong units that can be easily cleaned will see you through plenty of years to come. In addition to this, you want the furniture to have an element of versatility so that if you decide to redecorate your bathroom in the future, the unit should still match the new decor rather than having to replace it so remember to keep versatility in mind.

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