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– Intro: What is decorative adhesive film?

– 1. Various types of decorative window films

– 2. Application of a decorative window film

– 3. Different styles of decorative films

– 4. Purchase of decorative window films


Decorative window film is used to cover all glazed areas, both at home and business premises: verandas, bay windows, windows, shower screens, shop windows, office partitions, waiting rooms or lobby windows. It is the simplest, quickest and most effective solution for changing the appearance and use of windows. This very thin glass adhesive can be applied to the inside or outside of the glass to solve a variety of glazing problems. In addition, it takes on different aspects: patterned glazing film, transparent colour, frosted or coloured film, etc.

What is decorative adhesive film?

It’s a Very thin polyester film which can be applied to the inside or outside of the glass panes. It has an average durability of 10 to 15 years. Decorative film is a 100% PVC film which can be laid and removed without leaving any traces. It adapts to all types of glazing.

This type of film for glazing has several advantages:

– It creates privacy through the glazed interior partitions of your business premises.

– It provides privacy in a bathroom or bedroom.

– It embellishes an interior by dressing its windows in an original way.

1. Various types of decorative window films

Decorative commercial film

The commercial decorative film is the one we see most frequently, because that’s what it’s all about. It is used to distinguish and display a company’s colours and logo.

Good to know: with the application of a decorative film, you can also completely modify shop windows, making them more attractive.

Decorative film for workspaces

Decorative film is very present in office towers, shopping centres, and it is very practical to delimit spaces or to protect from prying eyes.

It can be translucent or opaque, frosted or matt, sandblasted or coloured, plain or striped, etc. There are no limits to your ideas and needs.

Decorative film for your home windows

Decorative window films are intended to embellish your home interior at a lower cost.

They are very trendy and although often sober and uncluttered, they give added value to your home and preserve your privacy.

Preparation of the glazing

First, you must clean the glass surface.

Then take measurements of the surface to be covered, remembering to keep a margin of a few centimetres.

Finally, moisten your glass with a spray bottle or a damp sponge.

2. Application of the decorative window film

Remove the protective film from the foil, and then place the film on the window.

Moisten the front panel to prevent scratches and make the film slide more easily.

Retouching and finishing

Once the film has been placed on your window, use a squeegee to expel the air from the inside to the outside.

If necessary, use a ruler and cutter to cut off excess film. Finally, wipe the film with a soft cloth.

Good to know: Application kits are available in large DIY stores. They usually contain a sprayer, a scraper for marouflage, a scraper and a cutter.

3. Different styles of decorative films

Decorative films offer a wide choice of graphics and allow you to add a personal touch to your glazing.

Decorative glazing film is available in different styles: patterns, geometric shapes, colours. The best known is the striped decorative film, which is widely used on the glass walls of the shower.

Patterned decorative films allow you to customize a window, partition or glass furniture, while preserving privacy. They are suitable for business premises as well as homes. They can only be applied on the inside.

Geometric shapes: flower films will ideally decorate the bottom of your bay windows and windows. Poppies, geraniums, roses and other pansies will bring warmth to your interior.

Coloured films: whether you want to keep the transparency of the glass or, on the contrary, make it totally opaque, these films allow you to do so in colour. Windows, verandas, glass furniture, shower screens, PVC partitions or even car windows: colour them as you wish and keep the possibility of varying the shades at any time.

Good to know: decorative films can also be available in rolls and custom-made. They fit perfectly to your windows and give you that colourful or personalised touch.

4. Buying decorative window films

You will find decorative films in the major decoration and DIY stores and on the retail websites.

Count between $30 and $40 for a 60 x 200 cm film. However, prices can vary from single to double depending on the manufacturer, the motifs and the size. Finally, if you are unsure about doing it yourself and at the risk of wasting the window film, you can call for a professional to install the film for you.

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