Choosing Your Home Spa: Whirlpool Bathtub With Chromotherapy Lamps

Definition of a whirlpool bath

The whirlpool bath is a bathtub that looks like a classic bathtub, but it falls within the field of hydrotherapy. In addition to hot and cold water inlets, it has water jets and air jets called hydro jets, which classifies it in the field of hydrotherapy. A small electric motor powers these through six to twelve nozzles, which depending on the model, may or may not be adjustable. The hydro jets are distributed at the bottom and sides of the whirlpool bath and their position determines the type of treatment possible. The water temperature varies according to the nature of the massage therapy chosen, between 25 and 37°C, and a programming system defines the level of heat or cold, the power of the jets, their direction, and the intensity of lights through the water jets.

The whirlpool bathtub replaces the classic tub in the bathroom. Operating in a closed circuit, it does not use more water than the traditional bathtub. It is filled with tap water and emptied after the bath. Its principle is to allow at the same time the washing and the massage of the body. The combined action of water and air ensures a localized massage of certain parts of the body. The whirlpool bath helps to provide care by using the water for medical or therapeutic purposes. The whirlpool bath thus responds to all the aggression of modern life and contributes not only to the hygiene of the body but also to relaxation, well-being, and pleasure.

Description of the whirlpool bathtub

The whirlpool bath has a tub that receives the water. Usually, this tub is made of acrylic, a resistant material, which allows a multitude of shapes. An essential part of the whirlpool is the pump, which sucks the water out of the tub through a strainer. It puts it under pressure and then redistributes it, propelling it through the nozzles. The power of the pump and the number of nozzles determine the efficiency and quality of the massage. The jets of water and air create a massaging, energetic, and energizing effect on the whole body.

The nozzles, which vary in size and number, are distributed over the vertical walls of the bathtub. They can be fixed or adjustable and can mix air and water, then expel the whole under pressure (bubbles visible on the surface of the water).

The whirlpool bath is also equipped with a blower. This is a small tube that draws in air and heats it. It then compresses it and propels it through a jet into the bathtub. A level sensor controls the water level. It prevents, among other things, the whirlpool system from being switched on unnecessarily. For example, when the water level in the bathtub is too low, the system is not switched on, and this prevents the pump from damage.

The operation of the whirlpool bath

The whirlpool bath has a manual or electronic control to start the pump. This is usually a push-button. An automated bathtub control system with a keypad allows dynamic management and programming of several functions.

Among these functions are water temperature, bath duration, and light intensity.

How to choose your bathtub

Several criteria are essential when choosing a bathtub. First of all, it is necessary to know which style of tub is suitable for the bathroom, a classic, design, or creative model. The available space, as well as the shape of the bathtub, are fundamental parameters, even though manufacturers offer a wide variety of products.

There is a whole range of shapes to choose between the straight whirlpool bath, corner, round, or island. You will be spoilt for choice. Only the dimensions of the bathroom can restrict this extensive range and curb your desires.

It is essential to know your tastes in terms of care and well-being. What are the needs of your body? Physical and muscular relaxation, various considerations… The more the number of nozzles and injectors, the more efficient and pleasant the massages will be.

One essential aspect is the comfort of the bathtub with the computer and the remote control, which facilitate the start-up and operation of the whirlpool bathtub. The automatic filling, as well as the heating of the water to keep it at the right temperature, are essential. Also, an ergonomic headrest will make the bathtub more comfortable.

Specific equipment such as the tap with removable hand shower, the filling spout, the overflow, the bathtub apron, etc. must be taken into account. All the available options: touch buttons, programmed massages, number of massage points, number of spots, shapes, and materials will vary with the prices.

Now, let’s have a look at chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy is a natural method of maintaining health and well-being by projecting colored light onto different parts of the body such as the skin, joints, acupuncture points, organs, and chakras, to maintain the proper functioning of the organism and to provide the necessary light supplements for the maintenance and balance of life. Similar to plants using chlorophyll to convert sunlight into energy, light triggers intracellular photo-biochemical reactions specific to the types of colors used during your whirlpool bath.

Natural, these methods are safe for the body and allow great moments of aquatic relaxation when combined. Many manufacturers of wellness equipment have opted to combine hydromassage with chromotherapy. For example, some jacuzzis, spas, or whirlpool baths are equipped with colored LEDs.

The virtues of colors

Different curative properties are attributed to colors, assigned according to their wavelengths. Here is a small overview of the virtues associated with the most used colors:

– Violet light would encourage the elimination of toxins. It would also be calming and awaken inspiration. A variant of violet or indigo would be useful in the case of rheumatism.

– Blue would relieve anxiety, cramps, and inflammatory diseases. The same antispasmodic effects are attributed to turquoise.

– Green would symbolize renewal and harmony. It is therefore recommended in cases of stress, decision making, or insomnia.

– Yellow is a generator of energy and stimulates the mind. It would also have positive effects on digestion.

– Orange is recommended in case of metabolic or cardiac disease. It would also encourage optimism.

– Red is the most intense color of the color circle, as it is associated with aggression. Spreading it sparingly, however, it would be an aphrodisiac and stimulant.

Great moments of relaxation, at home or the spa

The cheapest method is to take advantage of the equipment at the spa nearest you. Most whirlpool baths today are equipped with programmable colored LEDs, but it is best to contact the establishment to make sure.

Would you like to enjoy combined chromotherapy and whirlpool at home? Count from $1,500 for a whirlpool bathtub equipped with chromotherapy and $6,000 for a spa with several seats.

There are also hammams and saunas equipped with colored LEDs, designed to combine the benefits of water vapor or heat with those of colors.

Although chromotherapy is not recognized as an official medicine, when combined with the benefits of a whirlpool bath, it allows you to relax effectively while experiencing a real sense of well-being.

If you need some more information, do not hesitate to write down your comments below. I will be happy to reply.

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