7 Ways to Decorate Empty Corners in Your Home with Vases

Empty corners can be hard to decorate, especially if they are within small spaces like windows or doorways, where you are unable to place furniture. Vases are an effortless and beautiful way to fill empty spaces. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easier to bring structure and interest in any area. Here are 7 ways to decorate empty corners in your home with vases.

1) Decorative Rocks and Branches

Are you looking for a permanent and effortless way of decorating an empty area? Filling a vase of decorative rocks and branches can bring color and texture to a neutral space. Moreover, this type of vase decoration does not require flowers. Hence, you don’t have to bother about flower selection, which can sometimes be difficult. However, this decoration idea works best on the floor since branches are tall arrangements and require large containers. If you want the space to have a natural feel to it, you can fill a clear vase with decorative river rocks or dried beans and grains. As for the branches, you don’t even need them with leaves or flowers. They look beautiful on their own and are ideal if you want a minimalist arrangement.

2) Decorate With a Vase Filled With Greenery.

Who wouldn’t want a hint of natural greenery inside of their home? Adding an indoor plant to a room is the simplest and most affordable way to give life to any empty spaces without making drastic changes. Whether it’s a contemporary or traditional room, green plants will blend in seamlessly. The choice of indoor plants depends mainly on the space within the empty area, the climate, and the level of maintenance you must provide to it. If you have enough space and you’re feeling a bit extra, you can opt for over-sized vases.

On the other hand, if it’s a small area, you can hang a terrarium, which adds a natural and revitalizing touch to an empty space without making the room feel cluttered. An ethereal bubble terrarium is a good option since it comes with a living air plant, and you don’t have to water them. Don’t bring in a high-maintenance plant and leave it to wither!

3) Slender Vases for the Mantel

Once holidays are over, fireplaces can often look dull and bare without the twinkle lights, garlands, and other decorative objects. A colorful collection of slender vases can make a beautiful piece on your mantel. Colorful vases will brighten up the area and add a slight pop of color if the room has a neutral color scheme. You can also further enhance it with the right mix of accessories like hanging a mirror in the middle or place other decorative objects like candlesticks.

4) Over-Sized Vases

Over-sized vases are the perfect decor for empty areas. They can either be filled with flowers, branches, bamboo sticks, or stand alone as exquisite works of art. For a touch of glamour, display ceramic vases with bold metallic details or vases with traditional designs and delicate silhouettes. If you want to brighten up the area, you can do so with large crafted multicolored glass vases or those with intriguing cutouts. The over-sized and eye-catching vases will instantly create a focal point to your room!

5) Wooden Vases for Your Staircase

It’s true that the primary purpose of stairs is to get you to another floor, but they are often overlooked. Your staircase can also be a substantial area for a gorgeous vase. An appealing wooden vase on your staircase can quickly transform into an elegant accent piece of your home. Moreover, if you have children, wooden vases are the best option since they are safer and do not break easily.

6) Decorate Your Shelves With Vases

Leaving your shelves bare or crowded can either make a room look boring or cluttered. Adding clear vases with varying sizes and heights can transform into artistic accessories on your shelving space. The different sizes and heights will infuse shape and dimension to narrow shelves. It’s not necessary to fill up the vase, clear vases on their own can make an aesthetic accent to your shelving space. You can also add other decorative ornaments like a framed photo, but make sure to balance your arrangements and leave some space in between them to avoid looking disorganized.

7) Use Glass Bottles as Vases

You probably have some glass bottles lying around at home. Instead of throwing them, they can be used to decorate your empty spaces. For instance, a glass bottle with a bouquet of fresh flowers on a small table can add an air of elegance to a room. You can either paint the glass bottle using your favorite color to be trendy or leave them as they are for a natural effect.

When you think of adorning your home with vases, don’t just think of decorating the side table in the living room. The various types of vases available allow one to use them beautifully in different settings!

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