Modern vs Contemporary – What Style to Choose for Bathroom and Kitchen?

Are there any real differences between modern and contemporary? How do they differ and to what extent? While both terms can be confusing, they do have their own characteristics and similarities. One thing we can all agree upon – sleek, stylish, elegant and functional are the sine qua non of both modern and contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

Contemporary versus modern

When it comes to design, modern vs contemporary are quite different. Be it color or shape, both have differences and nuances in various aspects. Modern design refers to the specific time period from the early to mid-twentieth century while contemporary reflects the popular styles of present day design. Modern has a distinct style focused on simple form and function. On the other hand, contemporary is filled with neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines, and organic silhouettes, which are some of the prominent characteristics of this particular style.

Features of contemporary kitchens and bathrooms

Contemporary is more a celebration of natural materials whether they are stone, quartz or solid wood cabinetry. As a unique design style, contemporary has glimpses of modern, traditional, art decor and even futuristic design. One of the defining aspects of contemporary design is its constant evolution to stay updated on what’s new.

Characterized by the use of dark wood or black cabinetry, fresh white countertops and smooth stainless steel appliances, the contemporary kitchen is functional and sometimes artistic in nature. Consider combining dark cabinets with white countertops made from marble or granite stone. The kitchen furniture should be designed with the purpose of keeping countertop clutter to a minimum. Contemporary kitchens have stainless steel and various man-made materials, whereas the baths consist of natural materials such as stone and porcelain.

As for baths, the contemporary side is more pronounced in the innovative design and the use of the latest trends to create a stylish space laying emphasis on a sleek and simplistic approach. This design style reflects a forward thinking design endeavor with clean lines, geometric patterns, flowing curves and hard angles. Contemporary designs allow you to move beyond traditional designs. Since contemporary can include a mixture of different styles, it is often mistaken for being “modern”.

Features of modern kitchens and bathrooms

Think of the kitchen and bathroom as more than just functional rooms with a specific purpose. Your kitchen can be a haven to prepare food, the favorite place in the house to hang around and talk. While the baths should be as functional as possible, it should also symbolize an escape, a sort of trap that leads to a world where you can be comfortably naked to relax in the bathtub and wash away the day’s stress.

In terms of style, the modern kitchen is characterized by its minimalism shown in its extreme accuracy, simplicity, geometric shapes with clean and no detailed surfaces. A modern kitchen is usually adorned with modern appliances, sleek cabinets and modern countertops. Cabinetry is usually taken to the ceiling to avoid dust traps and unsightly gaps. Clutter has no place in a modern kitchen, so there is a variety of storage options to choose from, which include waste bins, opening systems, pull out drawers, corner units, rails and mid-way wall items.

From double sinks to integrated LED vanity lighting, the modern bathroom is often equipped with the latest plumbing fixtures. You can also have heated ceramic flooring to keep your bathroom floors always warm when stepping out of the shower. The color scheme you choose can greatly set the mood and tone of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, neutral tones and mirrors can create a larger, more breathable atmosphere for you to unwind in.

Why not a mixture of both styles?

While contemporary furniture stays in the moment, modern design lives in the past (a little confusing given the everyday definition of the word “modern”). For all their differences, both contemporary and modern furniture tends towards the same goal – a simple and uncluttered feel. Both styles are unique and can create an instant appeal – which is why it can be so difficult to choose between the two. If you know what you want, why not take the best from both styles and create something unique that matches your style and design requirements. Blend mid-century modern decor with contemporary cabinets in both kitchens and bathrooms for an original and trendy space.

However, always keep in mind the practical aspect and whether or not the existing decor can accommodate your style choice. You can always ask the help of professional cabinet makers to custom-make your kitchen and bathroom furniture.

Finding the perfect balance between style and functionality

At the end of the day, what you want and need is a space that is both elegant and practical. Talk to your interior designer or browse the web to get inspired. Whether modern or contemporary, both will enhance your kitchen and bathroom.

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