Creating Storage Space for Small Closets: 10 Hacks

While living in a little apartment comes with its own set of pros, such as not having to move much to get things you need, it has some disadvantages too. And one of them is a small closet. You may think that it’s easier to organize things in a small closet and even if you’ve thrown everything haphazardly in it will still be easy to find them. After all, how can something be lost in such a small space? But you couldn’t be more wrong. The more tightly fit are your clothes, the more difficult it will be to find a given item. On the other hand, no matter how much decluttering you’ve done, you may still be unable to fit all your clothes, shoes and accessories in that tiny closet.

Read on for ten clever ways to sort and organize your small closet:

1.    Use Vertical Hangers

Stacking your hangers vertically help you stagger your clothes. Instead of just using the horizontal bar in the closet, you will be taking advantage of the vertical space available as well. You can do that by buying hangers with several vertical rungs or by being a bit more creative and connect standard hangers vertically with pop-can tabs. A chain could also do the job – you can hook your hangers onto each link.

2.    Add Storage Under Clothes

This is about using the space underneath your clothes. After having staggered your clothes, you may still have some unused space at the bottom of your closet. So, you can place some shoe boxes, a shoe rack or a small dresser beneath the hanging clothes. If you’ve added a dresser, you can use its top to store accessories, such as hats, sunglasses, purses or jewelry.

3.    Use Hooks

Hooks are perfect for small spaces inside your closet. They can be placed over the door, inside of the closet or anywhere that’s useful to you. Regardless of where you place them, you can use them to hold items that are irregular in shapes, such as purses.

4.    Add a Bar

Still on storing vertically: have another hanger bar installed in your closet. You can do that yourself by buying a dowel or tension rod and the necessary tools to secure it. You should be able to purchase those from your local hardware store. Your closet will then have two rods for you to hang your clothing!

5.    Install Shelves

To maximize your horizontal space, consider installing shelves. You can use them to hold boxes or other goods in your closet. You can either drill wood blocks in to hold the new shelves or buy a shelf and brackets.

6.    Try Baskets as Storage Solutions

Storage baskets can be used on shelves or at the bottom of the closet. There’s a lot of things you can throw in there and still make your space look organized and neat. Try stacking them to hold items such as shoes, accessories, jewelry and workout clothes.

7.    Know How to Place Your Shoes

Even if you buy tons of shoe boxes, you may feel like there’s not enough space to store all the shoes you have. Do not throw anything away just yet! Instead, have each shoe face the opposite direction. You can even use cubbies. Either way, when you position them like that, you should be able to fit more pairs on a shelf or in a box than you would have before.

8.    Organize Belts and Hats

Just like you would get a rack or baskets for shoes consider getting command hooks and boxes for your belts and hats. These items can easily make your closet look messy and cluttered. Belts and smaller hats can be put on the hooks. Wide-brimmed or specialty hats should be kept in hat boxes.

9.    Make Use of Odd Spaces

Even the smallest space can be used if you are creative enough. In addition to the back of your closet door, you can also store things under your bed. You can have additional rods or an over-the-door shoe caddy installed. Store any out-of-season clothing in a container under your bed.

10.  Letter Organizers for Purses

To prevent your clutches, purses, and bags from creasing use a mail file that can hold them upright. It will also be easier for you to browse through them and pick one without messing up your closet.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, even though we’ve suggested getting a few organization products, remember that those dividers, storage boxes, and bins will take up space of their own. So, you have to be careful with the number of organizers you buy. Only purchase those that are going to work for you and that really save space. 

If you are tired of organizing and re-organizing a small closet, you can always get a custom closet made for your small apartment. Companies like Murphy Beds and Storage Solutions at personalizing beds, cabinets and pantries and will be able to help you out.

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