5 Tips to Create an Asian-Inspired Home Décor

5 Tips to Create an Asian-Inspired Home Décor

Often, homeowners take inspiration from European and American-themed interior design. But have you ever considered staging your house to give it a typical Oriental-style look?

Let’s see how we can create that Asian-inspired magic!

#1. A Hint of the Asian Colours

A Hint of the Asian Colours

Colors represent much more than just a visual perception for Asians.

These different shades and tones symbolize the whole spectrum of life which gives birth to cultural sentiments and lifestyles.

East or West Asia, ever since the dawn of Asian communities, certain values, emotions and specific meanings have been attached with colors.

Let us delve into some of them:

  • In Western countries, red is the symbol of love but Asia’s different definition is that of joy, purity and luck.
  • While yellow is usually associated with the sun or bright summer season, in most Asian societies, it is linked with royalty. More specifically, for Japan, it represents strength and courage.
  • Throughout Asia, green is viewed as a very refreshing and positive color.
  • Unlike in Western cultures, white is associated with death, mourning and immortality in Asia.

If you want to integrate an Asian style in your contemporary interiors, you can choose a neutral color palette featuring traditional beige, sandy and light browns. Flawlessly, it work to create a soothing atmosphere.

Looking for the opposite of a calm neutral environment?

Well, contrary to a popular misconception, bold and vibrant colors can be part of a background in Asian style. For a visually spellbinding look, make a fashionable statement with shades of pink, ravishing reds and deep luxurious purples. But, for a more mystical and trendy vibe, add a few hints of black.

#2. A Cool Water Feature

A Cool Water Feature

Water, in its many guises, has always represented a major role in shaping Asia’s exquisite cultures, histories and economies. The history of viewing water as a symbol of money and considering it as a symbol for money dates back to long, long ago.

When you speak of creating an Asian-inspired atmosphere, water is that main element that brings equilibrium with ease and simplicity.

If you consider Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, a water element in the house is always welcomed.

And, by adding a harmonious and positive flow of water, you’ll also have the possibility of creating a stunning focal point.

  • A lively pool surrounded by elements of nature makes the perfect water feature.
  • Introduce a vertical fountain to your outdoor space
  • A modern triple waterfall is another gorgeous addition to your outdoor space.
  • A beautiful koi pond can serve as a perfect centerpiece.
  • But, if you are low on budget, I’d suggest you fill a few ceramic bowls with water and place them at the entrance of your house.

#3. Fragrance of Nature

Fragrance of Nature

Always remember that respect for nature is one of the fundamental principles of the Asian style.

Rather than just controlling, Asians like to display their close relationship with the various elements of nature.

When it comes to bringing the goddess of nature into their home, Asians will think beyond the décor.

Here’s how you can incorporate the different aromas of nature into your interiors:

  • Add a few potted plants and shrubs to some of your spaces.
  • In addition to wood floors, redefine the aesthetics of your home with natural stones or other organic textures.

#4. Circle of Life

Circle of Life

In different Asian cultures, circles symbolize perfection, oneness and unity.

I don’t know if it bears this meaning because of the representation of the sun in Japan’s flag, but what I do know is that they love integrating circles or round symbols in their interiors.

#5. The Past Can Be an Inspiration

The Past Can Be an Inspiration

Ancient and traditional styles and designs are just the Asian way of showcasing their lifestyles and cultural icons.

Another way you can include Asian touch in your home is through antiques and knick-knacks from the Far East.

The first time you are discovering Asian style? Well, in the comment section below, can you tell us how the voyage was?

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